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How do I cancel my subscription?

It's very simple but it also depends on how you signed up, If you were an original member of the old website (joined prior to 3/1/11) then you were signed up under If you are still currently being billed then you have an active membership on this new site. So in order to cancel via log into your account here and go to the EDIT PROFILE section then select the tab that reads CCBILL INFO.
from there you can get your subscription ID# and a link to cbbill where they can process your cancellation as we no longer use CCbill for new subscriptions.

If you are on the NEW system (all new accounts after 03/01/11) then you may simple log into your Paypal account if you have one and cancel the subscription there, If you dont have a Paypal account then you may cancel you account by going to the "Membership tab" in the EDIT PROFILE section of your account and clicking cancel.

 In order to recieve your full subscription of magazines and incentives you must remain a member for a minimum of two billing periods.
note: When in paypal the billing name may show up as payments@pnccooperative or info@stripclubs4sale.
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Where is the contact info?

Each club listings contains contact info, but you must be a member of the site to see the listings.
We encourage our property listers to provide as much information as possible and that always includes a contact number or email address.

But in order to access this information you must be a paid member. The profiles you see are a "lite" version designed to give you a general idea of which clubs are available before you purchase a membership.
If you dont see clubs that you want to buy , then dont become a member, but If you do make the smart decision and join, rest assured that all the information we have on file for the properties listed will be avaiable to you, this includes direct contact info for the club owner or his representing broker.
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Do I pay the membership fee & gamble on wether or not there's a club of interest to me?

Basically, yes. Adult nightclubs are big money-makers. Not all of the owners of the 3,500-plus adult nightclubs in North America want to sell, so the fact that we have located dozens of clubs that are available for sale means you have access to very hard to get information.
Our philosophy is that if a potential buyer can't afford $75 (regular price is $99 a month) to see a list of adult clubs that are for sale and also see what the different sizes and types of adult clubs are selling for, then that potential buyer can't really afford to buy a club and should not take up the time of the club owners and brokers who have listed adult clubs for sale.

In other words, is it worth spending $75 to possibly find a club that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit a year? We think the answer is YES. And remember, new clubs are added frequently.

We try to provide as much information about the property for FREE wihtout devulging the exact name and location. We have worked hard creating a system to help lubricate the process of finding and strip club for sale as these properties are not usually listed with your local real estate agent.

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What happens if there is no property of interest to me?

Your membership is good for 30 days so stick around check back often see what new club listings have been added.

Also, you can contact the brokers to see if they have any clubs coming on the market in an area that is of interest to you. Again, this site not only tells you what clubs are for sale, but by analyzing the information in the listings you can gain knowledge about what the current market value and revenue projections are of clubs now on the market.

Plus its still a win-win for you as every paid membership gets these incentives as well.


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